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What are YouTube Download Limits?

In this article, we will tell the download limits of YouTube and teach you to get rid of the limits by downloading YouTube videos as local files. Read on if you are interested in it.

youtube download limits

Part 1: What are YouTube download limits?

In this part we will introduce the download limits of YouTube from several aspects.

Eligibility restriction

The general rule is that downloading videos from YouTube is not allowed unless the video's uploader permits it explicitly or you are using features like offline viewing available through YouTube Premium. It's important to respect copyright and the terms of service when using YouTube to ensure compliance with the platform's guidelines.

1. "Do not allow the downloading of videos from the platform": According to YouTube's terms of service, users are generally not allowed to download videos from the platform. This means you cannot save videos directly to your device for offline use or personal storage.

2. "Unless explicitly permitted by the video's uploader": However, there are cases where video uploaders on YouTube may explicitly allow users to download their videos. In such instances, the uploader may provide a download link or give permission to download the video for personal use.

3. "Or YouTube itself through features like offline viewing or YouTube Premium": YouTube provides some official features that allow limited downloading of videos. For example, YouTube Premium subscribers have access to a feature called "offline viewing" that allows them to save videos for offline playback within the YouTube app. This feature is available only to YouTube Premium subscribers and has certain limitations.


Regional limit

YouTube Premium may have regional limitations in terms of availability and features. The availability of YouTube Premium varies from country to country, and not all regions have access to the service. Some countries may have specific licensing or legal restrictions that affect the availability of YouTube Premium or certain features.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the availability and features of YouTube Premium in your specific region, it's recommended to visit the YouTube Premium section on the YouTube website or contact YouTube's support team for the most current details.

region restriction

Time Limit

YouTube Premium allows users to download videos for offline viewing within the YouTube app. However, there are certain limitations and time restrictions associated with these downloads.

1. Download Duration: When you download a video for offline viewing through YouTube Premium, the downloaded video typically remains available for a limited duration. This duration varies depending on the specific video and content, and it can range from a few days to several weeks.

2. Expiration and Renewal: After the download duration has passed, the downloaded video may expire and become inaccessible. To continue accessing the video offline, you would need to connect to the internet and renew the download by re-syncing the video within the YouTube app. This ensures that YouTube can verify your YouTube Premium subscription and confirm the availability rights for the video.

time limit

Video Availability Limit

It's important to note that not all videos on YouTube are available for download. The availability of downloading varies and is ultimately determined by the video's uploader and any permissions they have set for their content. Additionally, there may be certain videos or channels that restrict or disable the download option entirely.


Part 2: How to get rid of YouTube download limits?

You can easily get rid of these download limits by using a professional third-party tool, which can help you download YouTube videos as local files without a Premium membership, thus saving every video forever and watching them offline anywhere on any device. Read on and we will introduce a free and powerful YouTube video downloader for you.

NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader is a reliable and user-friendly program for downloading ad-free YouTube videos in high-definition quality up to 8K, with original subtitles and audio tracks. Users can also use VPN to download videos from different countries or regions. As a completely free software, NoteBurner doesn't include any additional software, ensuring a smooth experience. The output quality depends on the original video quality, but NoteBurner still ensures the best possible quality for an enjoyable viewing experience.

You can also turn to our How to Download 8K YouTube Video page to find out more free ways for downloading HD YouTube videos.

Features of YouTube Video Downloader:
  • Download any video from YouTube for free.
  • Support downloading music from YouTube.
  • Best video quality, fast speed.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface, easy to use.
  • No bundled program or extra fee.

Tutorial: How to download YouTube videos as local files

To ensure a smooth experience with the following tutorial, we recommend installing the latest version of NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader on your Windows or Mac computer. You can easily download the software from the official website for both systems.

1 Launch YouTube Video Downloader

Please launch NoteBruner YouTube Video Downloader on your computer and there will be a concise interface.

main interface

2 Customize Output Settings

You can choose your preferred output settings in the Settings window. To customize the output settings, simply click the Gear button located in the upper right corner.

From there, you can adjust video quality (High, Medium, or Low), subtitle language, output path, and more. The simultaneous download option lets you specify the number of videos you want to download at once, giving you greater control over your downloads.

customize output settings

3 Add Video

Now, you can add the YouTube video to NoteBurner. You can add it by entering the keywords of the video into the search box. All related results will be listed if you enter the keywords. Or, you can copy the link from YouTube and NoteBurner will automatically search for it.

add video

4 Choose Video/Audio Format and Quality

To access advanced settings, click the advanced download icon in the corner to open the Advanced Download window. Here, you can select the video/audio format and quality before downloading.

To download a video, choose "Download as Video" in the bottom left corner, and select your desired audio and subtitle options in their corresponding columns. If you prefer to download only the audio, select "Download as Audio" only. You can select the size and output quality according to your preference and device storage.

NoteBurner also allows you to download subtitles as separate files by choosing "Download as Subtitles".

advance download

5 Download YouTube Video to PC

The final step is to click the download icon to initiate the process. You can find the downloaded videos in the Library and locate the folder by clicking the corresponding icon. Now you have successfully removed YouTube download limits and can enjoy the video without worrying about the eligibility, time, region, and availability limits.

download video

Extra tips: introduction of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service offered by YouTube that provides users with an enhanced and ad-free experience on the platform. Here are some key features and benefits of YouTube Premium:

Ad-Free Viewing: With YouTube Premium, you can enjoy videos on YouTube without any ads. This applies to both videos within the YouTube app and on the website, providing an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Offline Viewing: YouTube Premium subscribers have the ability to download videos and save them for offline viewing. This is particularly useful when you don't have an internet connection or want to watch videos without using data.

Background Play: YouTube Premium allows you to play videos in the background on mobile devices. This means you can listen to music, podcasts, or other audio content from YouTube while using other apps or even with the screen turned off.

youtube premium

YouTube Music Premium: As part of the YouTube Premium subscription, you also gain access to YouTube Music Premium. This service offers ad-free music streaming, personalized playlists, and the ability to download music for offline listening.

Original Content: YouTube Premium provides access to YouTube Originals, which are exclusive shows, movies, and documentaries produced by YouTube. These original productions feature popular creators and cover a wide range of genres and topics.

Cross-Platform Access: YouTube Premium benefits can be accessed across various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. You can seamlessly switch between devices and still enjoy the premium features.

Family Plan: YouTube Premium offers a family plan option, allowing you to share the subscription with up to five other family members at no additional cost. Each member gets their own individual account, personalized recommendations, and access to the premium features.

More info you need to know about YouTube

In this part we will provide more information about YouTube for you. Please check the information below in case you need help.

Quality and Resolution: When downloading videos from YouTube, it's important to consider the quality and resolution of the downloaded content. YouTube may offer different quality options for downloads, allowing you to choose the desired resolution based on your preferences and device capabilities.

Storage Considerations: Downloaded videos take up storage space on your device. It's advisable to keep an eye on the storage usage and manage downloaded content accordingly. Consider periodically deleting downloaded videos you no longer need to free up space on your device.

Offline Viewing Limitations: While offline viewing is convenient, it's essential to note that some features may not be available when watching videos offline. For example, interactive elements like annotations, comments, and live chat are typically disabled in offline mode.

more info

Updates and Changes: YouTube regularly updates its features and policies, including those related to downloads. It's recommended to stay informed about any changes in YouTube's terms of service or the availability and functionality of downloading features by checking official sources and announcements from YouTube.

Clear cache & cookies: When you use a browser, like Chrome, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites. After you clear cache and cookies, some settings on sites get deleted. Some sites can seem slower because content, like images, needs to load again. If you were signed in, you’ll need to sign in again. If you turn sync on in Chrome, you’ll stay signed into the Google Account you’re syncing to in order to delete your data across all your devices.

Support and Resources: To know more detailed instructions or troubleshooting help regarding YouTube's official download features, please turn to official support documentation, forums, or contact options provided by YouTube.

Final Word

Now you have known the download limits of YouTube and the way to get rid of the limits. It’s time to remove them by using NoteBurner YouTube video downloader and downloading your desired YouTube videos as local files. With NoteBurner, you can play your YouTube videos anywhere at any time on any device you like for free without limits. Install it and enjoy YouTube videos now!

Note: If you are also interested in converting YouTube music and playing your favorite songs offline, you can also turn to our Best 5 Ways to Download YouTube Music to MP3 page for help.

Features of YouTube Music Converter:
  • Convert YouTube Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and ALAC;
  • Convert YouTube Music at up to 10X faster speed;
  • Download YouTube music videos in up to 4K quality;
  • Keep ID3 tags and 100% original audio quality;
  • Easy to use with an intuitive user interface;
  • Keep YouTube Music after the free trial/subscription.

What's next? Download YouTube Video Downloader now!

Note: NoteBurner strictly complies with the US copyright regulations. We adopt a leading technology to record unencrypted video without any protection being circumvented.

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